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    Today, I released version 2.0.2 of nyssr.net online. Along with bug fixes and general code revisions, several new features have been added. The latest features are as follows:

    • Applications can now be started from anywhere. There is a central application registry where all application factories register. Starting an application now involves sending a message to the application registry.
    • The FileStore now operates differently. There is no longer a distinction between server FileStore and client FileStore. The NY_FileStorePlugIn is now required on every node that hosts or downloads files. There is a central service, the FileRegistry, where all files in the network are registered. The selection of files can be refined using a hash to load specific versions. If multiple versions of the same file exist and no hash is provided, the latest file will be delivered. The timestamps of the files are preserved during transport.
    • The console now supports login and logout. It can also connect to other nodes, making the console accessible from remote nodes. The version command now lists all used plugins and libraries.
    • It is now possible to reboot one, some, or all nodes from the console. The reboot can occur immediately, in x seconds, or at a specified time.
    • There is now a software update process. The new JARs must first be added to a local FileStore. Then, a control file listing all the required libraries and plugins for a remote node is copied into a monitored directory of the local node. The list is analyzed on the remote node, missing files are downloaded via the FileStore, and then the remote node is rebooted. This process also allows specifying the plugins that the node should load, defining its tasks.
    • Startup performance has been significantly improved through consistent parallelization. Booting a node now typically takes 200-300 ms with a dozen plugins. Naturally, this depends on the machine used.

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